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Tuesday 24th November 2020
 LC- To retrieve information from a variety of sources.


 This work will give you some background knowledge for the other work you will do today.

You are going to be given sets of questions and then some different sources of information These could be photos, letters, or diary extracts etc

Your mission is to find the answers to the questions somewhere in the different sources of information. Some are easy to find and some are not.

Record your answers neatly in your topic books (home books if you are at home).

 Are you ready for set 1?   Here goes and good luck!!!!

How did you do? Told you some of the information was easy to find but some more tricky. You have to close read to find the answers.



Are you ready for stop 2?     Great!!!!!

  And now for stop 3. Darwin's work and legacy.

Amazing! You have completed part one of the mission. You should now have a basic understanding of who Darwin was and why he was famous.


 Now move on to English.