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Today, we are going to order events on a timeline from the Mayan Civilisation. 

We have already had a go at doing this previously with the Ancient Greek Civilisation. 

Can you remember some of the date terms that we use when we are ordering? 


Thats's right, we use the terms BC and AD. 


BC stands for Before Christ and AD stands for After Death. 

When ordering events on a timeline, remember events before Christ were born are BC and any events after his death are AD as shown on the timeline above. 

Read the above slide carefully as it shows you how to organise the events and where the dates either increase or decrease. 


Below are some events from the Mayan Civilisation. 

They are in a mixed up order. 

Have a look at the events and the dates from when they took place. 

Your task is to order the events in chronological order.

In your home learning book, you need to write the date and learning challenge then draw a line like the one that has been shown below. Next, order the events in chronological order. You do not need to draw the pictures out but I would like you to summarise the event under the dates.