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Today we are going to learn about the key events in the life of the famous British explorer, Robert Falcon Scott.


We already know a lot about his journeys to Antarctica and his unfortunate death on his last expedition, but what do we know about his life from childhood?

Read through the information. If you are in school, use this to fill in the timeline on the sheet. If you are at home, copy the timeline and important dates into your book and fill in the information in the boxes.

We learn about history from many different sources like talking to people, video footage, books, diaries, newspapers and photographs. 

One way we can show we understand what we have learned is by answering questions. The questions below relate to a the last diary entry left by Robert Falcon Scott and a newspaper extract following his death.


If you are working in class, fill in the answers on the sheet. If you are at home, answer the questions in your blue book.