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Wednesday 23rd September, 2020

LC: To choose relevant sources to understand the Roman impact on Britain.


What is a source?

A source can be a thing from which something can be gained. In history, you can gain knowledge from sources that help you understand what life was like in the past. They also help historians to explain past events. 


Historians are expected to answer questions about the past. Therefore, they need to find relevant sources of information in order to answer them. This means the sources they use have to closely match to the question being asked.



Here is your focus question:


What did the Romans leave behind in Britain, when they left in 410 AD, that has impacted on British people's lives today?

Click on the links below to look at a range of Roman sources. 


If a source is NOT RELEVANT to answer the question, say why it is not relevant.


If a source is RELEVANT to answer the question, make key notes about what you have discovered. 


Record your results in the table below. 


Source of information

Relevant or Not Relevant?

Information you have discovered.