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Listen carefully

Today we are going to remind ourselves of how to use subordination for time.


Here is a simple command:

Put on your jumper.


Now let's look at the same command and a statement:

Put on your jumper. You are cold.


Can you think of a word that you could use to join the two sentences together? Because, if or when.


Well done if you said 'when'.

Put on your jumper when you are cold.


When you are cold is the subordinating clause in this sentence- it doesn't make sense on it's own, but it tells you when to put your jumper on.


The subordinating clause can also go at the beginning of the sentence.

When you are cold, put on your jumper.





Now it's your turn. Write today's date in your book.


Wednesday 3rd February 2021


Re-write this sentence so it begins with when and send a picture of your work to your teacher.