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Extending sentences with subordinating conjunctions


Here is a simple sentence with an adverb starter.


Hastily, Gerda leapt onto the boat. 


adverb starter         subject        verb


Do we know why she leapt onto the boat?


By adding a subordinating conjunction with another clause we can tell the reader why.


Hastily, Gerda leapt onto the boat as she thought it would take her to Kay.


This has made a complex sentence with an adverb starter which is a Year 4 skill. 



Your Task

Extend the simple sentences with adverb starters to make them complex. You will need to choose a subordinating conjunction from the list below before extending the sentence. The first two have been selected for you.


after     while       as       since      before     until     although


Instantly, the Snow Queen gave a loud cry before _____________ .


Immediately, she ordered her men to take the mirror since _______.


Suddenly, the Snow Queen appeared ____________________ .


Cheerfully, Kay and Gerda embraced ______________________ .



Complete these sentences in your exercise book.