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Final Task


Show me what you’ve learnt this week.


Write a passage that uses direct speech. Show me that you know where to put speech marks and other punctuation. Show me that you can remember to start a new line for each new speaker.


Some suggestions for what your passage could be about:

(a) Two friends having a chat about last night’s television.

(b) A person going to buy a car/computer etc. from a salesperson.

(c) A telephone conversation between a person who is reporting a lost pet and a policeman.


Or you could use one of your own. 


Please use the template on Seesaw, GPS - Speech Punctuation Application (Friday)

Please remember all the rules.


  • Introduce speech with a capital letter
  • If using split dialogue, the second part doesn't need a capital

eg "Where are you going for lunch?" asked Mr Broadleday, "can I come with you?"

  • Inverted commas go around what the character is saying
  • New speaker, new line
  • Extra speech punctuation goes before second pair of inverted commas - like the ones I've put in bold in the example above
  • Please use commas to separate your reporting clause if it comes before the speech

eg Mr Grimshaw asked, "Do you understand how to use speech punctuation?"