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Thursday 7th January

LC: To use speech punctuation to highlight direct speech

We have spoke a lot about punctuating direct speech over the Autumn term. You need to remember the following:


Direct speech tells us exactly what the character is saying.


  • Inverted commas surround what is being said 
  • There MUST be extra speech punctuation before the second set of inverted commas
  • You MUST use a capital letter to introduce dialogue (unless it's split dialogue for the second part) - " Liverpool FC are the best!" stated Mrs Sutcliffe, "far better than Burnley."


Please complete the sentences below in your Home Learning books by copying the sentence and adding the correct punctuation.

1) What time is it asked Mrs Siddiq.

2) I want chicken and all the trimmings for dinner insisted Mr Broadleday.

3) I'm wearing shorts even though it's snowing explained Mr Hindman.

4) I would like an warm cardigan please said Miss Wallace.

5) Mrs Wallace is cold spluttered Mr Grimshaw in disbelief.

I know that we said that we didn't want photographs sending, but photos sent through Seesaw are much clearer. Send us photos of your sentences on Seesaw.