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Wednesday 6th January

LC: To use understand the use of dashes for parenthesis (extra information)

We have looked at the use of hyphens over the last couple of days to help us to avoid ambiguity and make our writing intentions clear for the reader. 


Today we are going to look at dashes. They look just like hyphens but they are longer and do a different job.


Dashes indicate extra information (parenthesis) like commas or brackets. The extra information can be added in the middle of a sentence (2 dashes) or to separate clauses (1 dash). 

Have a look at these examples.


Always buckle your seatbelt - it’s the law.


I gave you my last £5 - don’t waste it.


Her brother - the one that is always in trouble - was sent to Mrs. Grant’s office yesterday.

Now have a go at the ones below. Write the sentences in your Home Learning book and put the dashes in. Make sure the dashes are a little longer than your hyphens yesterday. I didn't know how to do it on the laptop!


You are my friend my only friend who offered me help.


It was the end of the road or so we thought!


Mrs. Drury was unwilling to extend the homework deadline even for a bar of chocolate!


The twelve polar bears were large and I mean large!


School was closed because the boiler was broken what a shame!


If you eat too much ice-cream as I have done today you will be sick!