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Monday 30th November 2020

  LC- Knowing when to use hyphens.


 As you will now know, in year 6 we have to use lots of skills in our writing. On Friday, we went through a few of these. Today we are going to be thinking about the use of hyphens. 

Below is a Powerpoint. Read through it very carefully (this may take a little while) and look at all the examples given to see if you understand why the hyphen has been used. As you go through, there are a few activities for you to have a go at. Please record these in your English (or home) books. Do these activities as you get to them before moving on as the answers are on the next page. There is no point cheating as you won't learn. Once you have done them, mark your answers and add the corrections in a different colour. It isn't a test, it's about learning so be honest.

  Now have a try at these short quizzes.
  Finally click on the link below to take you to Spelling Frame. Go through the practices like you have done before. We will have a test on Thursday.