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Monday 23rd November

LC: To identify formal and informal language


What do you know about formal and informal language?

Formal language is used when we are communicating with people we don’t know very well and want to impress or show respect to. For example, police officers or head teachers.


Informal language is used when we are more relaxed and with people we know well.

For example:

  • Think about how you would answer your best friend if they asked you what you did at the weekend.

  • Now think about how you would answer the same question if your head teacher asked you instead.

  • How would each answer be different?


We often use formal language when we write. However, there are times where writing can be informal, like when we’re writing texts messages, emails, postcards or letters to friends.


We use informal language more when we speak, but there are also times where it is expected that we speak formally. For example, in a classroom presentation or when meeting someone new.