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Proof Reading


What is proof reading?

Proof reading is reading a piece of work to mark any errors. 


Today, we are going to proof read simple sentences and check they have capital letters and full stops. 


A simple sentence has one clause. It is built from a subject and verb

They can be long or short. They are marked with capital letters and full stops


Short: The dog barked at the cat

Long: The wild dog from down the road barked at the cat in the tree.



Your Task

Read through the passage below.

Add capital letters and full stops in the correct places. 

Tip: Read through and identify all the subjects and verbs to help you.

I've started you off!


the sun was shining brightly one morning Tom thought it would be a fantastic day to ride his bike he leapt out of bed and downstairs mum was busy in the kitchen with breakfast Tom wolfed down some toast and orange juice he raced out of the back door and into the garden he got his bike out of the shed Tom rode his bike to the park