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Tuesday 16th March 2021

LC- To know how to use paragraphs effectively.



Paragraphing is about arranging a piece of writing in order to make it clear and easy to read. The first sentence of a paragraph is known as the 'topic' sentence. It is the main point of, or introduction to, your paragraph. The next few sentences strengthen, draw out, or support, your point, so they must be about the same topic. The final sentence briefly summarises your topic and leads into the next paragraph. Changes of topic, mood, or speaker always mean you should begin a new paragraph.

Paragraphs also make your writing easier to read. Have you ever been faced with a long block of text with no paragraphs? Just looking at the wall of words makes you less inclined to read it. Whereas adding paragraphs means you can have a breather between each one.

So we need to start a new paragraph when we change the person we are talking about, the topic we are talking about, the time we are in or the place we are in and using these connectives ( conjunctions), will ensure that our writing is cohesive.


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