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Tuesday 29th June 2021

 LC – To describe key human features of the American west coast including types of settlement, land use, economic activity and distribution of natural materials


Have a look at the following powerpoint which tells you about the population of the USA in 2014. Can you predict where the most populated areas are? Why?

 It also shows you how New York has changed over time. Why do you think this has happened?


 Once you have watched this then find out more about the population of San Francisco and the surrounding areas including Silicone Valley (major hint here).

  • Why do people choose to live here? What yype of settlement are there?
  • What is the land used for? (residential, business, tourism)
  • What natural resources is the area known for and how are these used?
  • Find out about the economy (money coming into the area - how?)


You can choose to record your findings in the best way for you.