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L.C: To locate and describe key physical characteristics of a European Country​


Italy is a boot-shaped peninsula that juts out of southern Europe into the Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and other waters. Its location has played an important role in its history.

The sea surrounds Italy, and mountains crisscross the interior, dividing it into regions. The Alps cut across the top of the country and are streaked with long, thin glacial lakes. From the western end of the Alps, the Apennines mountains stretch south down the entire peninsula.

West of the Apennines are wooded hills that are home to many of Italy's historic cities, including Rome. In the south are hot, dry coastlands and fertile plains where olives, almonds, and figs are grown.

Major Rivers: The major rivers in Italy are: the Po River (which flows from the Alps near the French border, through Turin, and eastward into the Adriatic Sea), the Arno River (which flows from the north-central Apennines, through Florence, and into the Tyrrhenian Sea), and the Tiber River (which flows from the north-central Apennines, south through Rome, and into the Tyrrhenian Sea).

Mountain Ranges: The Alps are a mountain range located along the north of Italy. The Apennines are another mountain range that runs through the center of Italy.

Highest Point: The highest point in Italy is Mont Blanc, in the Alps on the border of Italy and France. Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco) is 15,770 feet (4,807 m) tall.

Lowest Point: The lowest points in Italy are at sea level (the level of the Mediterranean Sea).

Using Maps


Let's have a look for Italy on Google Maps.

Use the link below for Google Maps website

Search for Italy (like in the picture below) 

Next we will click on Satellite, this will provide a better view of Italy.

Here we can search for the rivers and mountains in Italy.

We will use this information to help us to locate these features on our map (on SeeSaw)

We can also use World Atlas to find information about Italy

Where would we find Italy?

Once we have found Italy, we are going to look for the major rivers in Italy: 

They are:

Po River,





We will draw these in the correct position on our map

This map is on SeeSaw to be completed

Next, we will look for mountains

The three main Mountain Ranges of Italy are

the Italian Alps,

the Apennines which form the spine of the country and

the Dolomites in the north east.

Mark them on the map using the mountain symbol

Finally, we will locate some volcanoes in Italy



Campi Flegrei, 




Draw the location of the volcanoes with a red triangle 

Once we have located the features, we will describe where they are.


Location of physical features in Italy

Look at your completed map and use the compass:


Explain where these physical features are in Italy:

For example: The mountain range the Alps is located in the northwest of Italy.


Mountain range - Apennines__________________________



Volcano – Vesuvius________________________________



River Po________________________________________




Your work is set on SeeSaw for you to complete