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Fun activities for the holidays

Easter Holiday Activities

Fun things to do during the Easter Holidays


  1. Create your own board game/ card game.
  2. Make a collage picture using different things from around your house.
  3. Play hide and seek indoors.
  4. Read your favourite book.
  5. Write your own story using a character from your favourite book.
  6. Treasure hunt – hide objects around your house and set your family a task to find them- don’t forget to let them know what they are looking for and how many you have hidden.
  7. Complete fun activities on Go Noodle.
  8. Challenge yourself on TT Rockstars – try to beat your highest score.
  9. Make a den inside, you could use bedding and chairs.
  10. Bake a cake or biscuits (if you have the ingredients) with adult support.
  11. Make an Easter card.
  12. Use your artist skills to draw and colour a picture.
  13. Create your own dance to your favourite song.
  14. Become a scientist – show your parents how to create static electricity (idea - bag on the wall) or try new experiments.
  15.  Make an origami paper rabbit
  16.  Take part in Miss Salkeld and Mr Ahmed’s One Step At A Time  Challenge.