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Friday 26th March

Friday 26th March 2021

LC- Why do Christians believe 'Good Friday' is good?


Today, we are going to be thinking about the reasons why we are on holiday for the next 2 weeks. Actually, the important part of the holidays is the weekend in the middle of our time away from school. At the end of the first week, the Friday is called Good Friday, the Saturday is sometimes called Black   Saturday, the Sunday is Easter day and the Monday is Easter Monday.

This weekend is Easter and it the main celebration in the Christian calendar.


Firstly I want you to think about the following words:


  •  guide
  • comfort
  • strength
  • suffering
  • struggle
  • courage


Research what these words mean and write the definition in your books. Have you ever experienced any of these things in your own lives?

Have you experienced any difficulties as you have grown up? Who did you turn to and why?

Write a short paragraph in your book to answer these questions. Don't worry, it won't be shared with the class.



If you are in school, don't move on until you are told!



Ok, So as I said, Easter is a very important time in the Church calendar and for true Christians, it is more important than Christmas.

What do you already know about Easter?


Easter includes a lot of different days over a week. We are going to look at some of them.

Take the following days in order and research them. Try to find out who was involved, what actually happened and why they are so important.


  • Palm Sunday
  • The Last Supper
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Day


Make your notes neatly in your books. Remember to use different sources of information to make sure you have an accurate picture. When you have done this, go to Seesaw and write your information for each of the 4 days. You will need to add more pages.


If you are in school, don't move on until you are told!


Now let's watch and discuss the videos that tell us more about the 4 days.

Watch the following up to 6 minutes.

Now I want you to research how different people around the world celebrate Easter. Start from how it is celebrated in England and then look at other celebrations too.

Some of these celebrations are based on the faith and are really special and some are just fun. 

Do you know which are which?


Some of the items associated with Easter have a special meaning or symbolise something. 
For example, an Easter egg. What has that got to do with the  Easter story?


Once you have completed your research, produce a poster on Seesaw or other app of your choice. Call this poster,


So based on all this learning, can you answer our original question?


Why do Christians call 'Good Friday', good?


How can it be good when that is the day the Jesus died?


You can go back to any of the videos or information to help you answer this if you need to. You can also Google the question if you want to.


Write the question and then answer this in your books. Remember that your need to be reflective and mature in your answers. Your work also needs to be in your own words.