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Forest School

At Stoneyholme Primary School, we are extremely fortunate to have large and varied school grounds ranging from meadows and woods to streams and fully equipped playground areas.  In having such areas, it enables the children to enjoy a significant amount of time outside learning in which Forest School plays a major role. 

Forest School is part of our curriculum designed to develop our children morally, spiritually, socially and culturally as well as allowing our children to become self-assured, confident and emotionally well rounded people.

Within Forest School the children develop an understanding of Trust, Teamwork, Enjoyment, Adventure, Respect and Fire.  They learn this through a range of activities including;
Den Building
Team and Trust games
Cooking on an open fire

Our children also use the Forest School area during curriculum time to enhance their understanding of themes within the class.

Our teachers expertly plan and provide opportunities for the children within their class to use this area to support their learning within all subject areas that has been made easier with the addition of an outside classroom (built in 2013) and class sets of waterproofs and wellies (although the bog monster has eaten one or two!)

Please take a look in the galleries of this beautiful area and some of the learning that our children do down there.