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Tuesday 29th June 2021

 LC- LC:  To write an independent narrative

'The Highwayman' is a narrative poem. This means that it is a poem that tells a story.

 Yesterday, you boxed up the poem to remind you of what happened, in what order and any description used.

Today, you are going to take on the challenge of writing the poem as if it was a story -so the structure will be very different. It will be your last chance to show your ability in writing and it will be assessed. 


 You will need to include everything you have been taught and below is the document that we use to assess your writing. You have seen it before and you can use it to check you have included everything - especially

creating imagery through metaphors, similes and personification.


Remember that if you are aiming for greater depth then you need to ensure you include flashes of informality that we talked about last week. You must also include al of the statements in expected too!