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Yesterday we made information posters about Beatrix Potter.

Today we are going to first of all read, check and edit them.


Let's have a practise.

Read these sentences about Beatrix Potter. How can we improve them?


beatrix potter was born in 1866. when she was young she had many p. she loved to draw and paint animals. the first book she wrote was called, 'the tale of peter rabbit'


Can you write one of these sentences out properly on your white board?


Now read your own sentences out loud to yourself and check to see if everything makes sense. Have you remembered spaces, full stops, capital letters and used an 'and'?


Once you have finished editing your writing, record yourself reading your sentences using the selfie mode on your iPad.

Here is the video about Beatrix Potter, in case you need some more ideas...

Beatrix Potter

Still image for this video