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Monday 26th April

LC: To understand how authors develop character 

Read Chapter 11 - update diaries. 

When an author introduces a new character to their writing they need to provide the reader with enough information for them to begin to form a picture. Authors can do this two ways:


1. Provide the reader with literal information - Peter, the local shopkeeper, is a grumpy old crow.


2. Provide clues for the reader to infer - As the children browsed the shelves, Peter shouted, "Are you quite finished?" and glared in their direction. 

After you have read Chapter 11, I want you to write a short character description for Detective Inspector Pearce. Think about the literal information but also infer about the character. 




Literal - She is thin and short.


Inference - She is very observant because her eyes moved quickly around the room like lightning strikes.


Please complete the activity on Seesaw. You can make notes around the image of the character.