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In English today, we are going to first of all re-read the information sentences about the author Beatrix Potter.

Helen Beatrix Potter was born in 1866.

She was an English writer and is famous for writing children's books about animals.

Beatrix Potter was born in London and her family were rich.

She did not have many friends when she was young but she had many pets.

Two of her rabbits were called Benjamin and Peter.

On her holidays in Scotland and the Lake District, she loved to paint plants and animals.

When she was about the age of 30, she wrote 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit'. It was very popular.

After that, Beatrix Potter began writing and illustrating children's books full time.

She did not have to ask her parents for money anymore because she made a lot of money from her books.

She bought 'Hill Top Farm' in the Lake District and became a sheep farmer.

She still continued to write books and had 23 published altogether.


Now we are going to create a fact file about Beatrix Potter.

Think of the most interesting thing that you know about Beatrix Potter and say it in a sentence three times.

Tell your teacher your sentence.

Next write it next to the picture of Beatrix Potter in your writing book.

Remember to use a capital letter for the start of your sentence and for names.

Don't forget your full stop at the end of your sentence.


When you have written your sentence, read it out loud to yourself to check it makes sense.

Do you remember any interesting facts about Beatrix Potter from the video?

Still image for this video

Can you think of one more sentence to write next to your picture of Beatrix Potter?