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 You are going to begin today by completing a selection of mystery/code breaking activities.

You will need your skills of patience, logic, organisation and problem solving. It is fine to work with the person next to you and you can solve the problems in whatever way you wish - note taking, highlighting, cutting up etc

Activity 1

 A Murder Mystery


 Mr Kelley has been murdered. 

Your job is to find out 

1. who was the murderer?
2. the weapon?
3. the time of the murder?
4. the place of the murder?
5. the motive?


Look at the following clues. It isn't as easy as you may think so you will have to look at the clues a few times and make notes, timelines etc.

To start with we will only tell you when ALL of it is correct. If you struggle then we will give more clues.

Next is a logic problem. Your job is to find the names and ages of the people from the clues.

Finally this is a famous puzzle. 

Try your very best. 

We will discuss any strategies used later.

An activity has also bee uploaded to Seesaw. Can you solve the crime and identify the murderer from the 32 suspects?