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Yesterday, your task was to email your teacher the list of titles from the reports you read. Let's have a look at this example of a report. Can you spot the title?

Well done if you said All About Autumn!!

Today, your task is to find examples of subheadings.


What is a subheading?

A subheading is a mini-heading for a paragraph in a report. They are smaller in size than the title, but bigger/bolder than the main text. 

Their purpose:

  • to stand out- grab the reader's attention
  • to guide the reader


Can you spot a subheading on the example above?


Well done if you said 'What happens to the animals?'


Today, your task is to read 3 more books from the 'Information Books' list on myON. If you are home, share your reading with an adult in the house.


Whilst reading:

Look out for subheadings. You could turn it into a competition to see who can spot the most in the books you read together.