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Yesterday we looked at the front covers of books by the author Debi Gliori.

We also had a tea party like the rabbits in one of her books!

Today we will learn more about Debi Gliori.

First we will read these sentences about her:

She writes books for children.
She lives in a place called Glasgow in Scotland.
Debi likes writing stories about rabbits and families.
Debi is not just an author but an illustrator as well.
Her favourite book is called 'The Trouble with Dragons'.
She has won many awards for her books.
Debi Gliori is an author.
She loves drawing and painting characters for her books.


Can you think of actions together, to help you remember the sentences?

Now your teacher will give you a sentence for you to read.

On your board, draw pictures to help you remember the words.

Once you have learned your sentence, perform record it on your iPad then perform it for the class.