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LC to read and understand a range of texts at an age appropriate level.

Today we are going to be listening to a song about the Iron Age leader, Boudicca. 

Have you get your spears ready?

             Your teacher will click on the Roman soldier below and then play        the song. 


Can you keep a beat?

Let's keep to the rhythm with

claps and with finger-clicks and mouth sounds. Try a fast knee-slap rhythm with a quick iron-bell-sound getting louder.

Say her name-rhythm five times- Boudicca...

Boudicca... Boudicca... Boudicca... BOUDICCA!

How could you use your spear to frighten the Roman army you are about to fight?


We need to create a class battle cry! Can you discuss phrases that would inspire an army to charge into battle? We know that Iron Age people did not write, but we are going to create a banner.
Using page 3 of the Seesaw document, create the banner to carry into battle with the other warriors.