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LC to write a paragraph using commas and conjunctions in independent writing.

Today we are going to write the introductory paragraph for your leaflet.

You will need to include some general information about the Iron Age Celts.

This will be written as a paragraph and have a conjunction - 'although', 'after' or 'before'. You will write at least one complex sentence and these sentences will need to have commas to separate the clauses.

Watch the video and start to think about 'general' information about the Celts.

Your teacher will model a paragraph about the Iron Age Celts for you to think about. 

You must use an introductory sentence with - 'The Iron Age Celts....' or 'In the Iron Age....'

You will use the document on Seesaw to complete the first part of your leaflet.

If you are working at home please write your paragraph in your blended learning book or complete the work on Seesaw.