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LC to organise information for a non-fiction text

Today we are going to decide the areas of information that we would like to use in our information leaflet. We have learned about a variety of information about the Celts. It is now time for you to choose three areas that interested you the most. You could choose from - Celtic warriors, village life, carnyxes, farming, Celtic crafts, hill forts or what historical writers have said about the Celts.
You may decide that there is an area that you would like to include that we have not looked at yet. This will require further independent research.


When you have decided the three areas which you want to focus on you will need to go to Seesaw and write the 3 areas on the pages. Remember this is a plan, so do not start to write your information yet. 
Your picture with labels and captions could be the one which you did earlier in the week.