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English Thursday 11th February 2021

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Thursday 11th February 2021


Today you are going to write a formal letter to Mr D. Struction.


Your letter is to persuade him to stop cutting down the rainforest. 


To do this you will need you plan that you created yesterday. 


Here is mine 



I then used my plan to help me to write the following letter:


Mr D. Hindman

87 Glasgow Street





Thursday 11th February 2021


​Mr D Struction

23 Acre Lane




Dear Mr D. Struction,


I am writing to express my concerns regarding the devastating impact deforestation is having. Rainforests provide 20% of the oxygen we breathe; they are home to many thousands of plants and animals. Sadly, these majestic, mind-blowing rainforests are under threat and they must be saved.


Firstly, rainforests are being cut down to allow companies to build huge palm oil plantations. As a result of this, defenceless Orang-utans lose their homes and habitat, resulting in them being cruelly captured unable to breathe. These vulnerable animals are in your hands! Why should this happen to them?


Secondly, rainforests store enormous amounts of carbon dioxide. Consequently, when the forest is cut down the carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. This causes global warming (which affects us all). Is it really worth harming our planet? What will happen when the North Pole and South Pole melt and flood the Earth?


Finally, rainforests are home to many indigenous tribes who have lived there for many thousands of years. However, when the forest is cut down they lose their homes. Clearly you can see that you are destroying their home! In addition, we lose the knowledge these people have of the forest and its fruit and animals. Can we afford to lose this knowledge?


In conclusion, the rainforest is too valuable to the animals and people who live there. It is too valuable to the rest of the world who need the rainforest to protect their own habitats. It is too valuable to be destroyed! Please help save the forests before it is too late! Thank you for reading my letter. I hope you take my concerns into consideration and act upon them.


Yours sincerely,

Mr D. Hindman


Now it's your turn.


Use the following parts of my letter to help you to set out your letter correctly.


I am writing to....




In conclusion,...

Yours sincerely,


Go onto Purple mash. Your 2Do is called 'Formal Letter Deforestation'. Use your plan to help you to write your letter.