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English Monday 8th February 2021

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Monday 8th February 2021


Today we are going to start looking at the topic we are going to use to write a persuasive letter.


The topic I have chosen for you is based around something we looked at earlier this year:




Later this week we are going to be writing a persuasive letter to try and prevent/stop people from cutting down the rainforests. 


Before we can do this we need to understand what is happening and why this is a bad thing. To help you, today you are going to look at 2 websites and 1 picture and make notes based on why we should stop deforestation/ stop cutting down the rainforest and some solutions.  


Here are the websites/pictures  (if you click on the picture it will take you to the website. Under each one it tells you what you need to do on each website. 

Make sure you look at all of them.


Watch the video.


Read the information.



Go onto Purple mash and find the 'English Monday 8th' 2Do. On here you need to make notes from what you have read above.