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English Friday 5th February 2021

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Friday 5th February 2021


Today we are going to continue to look at the language we use.


You are going to need to use the information we looked at yesterday 


Lets remind ourselves of the acronym to help us.


P - Personal Tone

E - Emotive Language

R - Rhetorical Question

S - Say Again

U - Undermine Opposing Arguments

A - Anecdotes

D - Direct Address

E - Exaggeration


Now we are going to start by reading the letter written by Sarah Hughes:



Now we are going to underline the techniques used in this text.

Watch the video, as I explain this in detail and give examples



Go onto Purple mash and find the 'English Friday 5th Feb' 2Do. On here will be a letter discussing having chips to eat everyday. Read the letter carefully and underline any techniques you spot using the same colours shown in the image/video above.