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Thursday 28th January

LC: To write an additional chapter

LC: To blend action, description and dialogue 

Today, you are going to imagine that you are Charles Dickens and you are going to write about another time when Oliver and Dodger go pickpocketing on the streets of London (an additional chapter). You can call your chapter, Pickpockets Strike Again!

You can structure your writing like this. Don't forget to use your ideas from yesterday!


  • Oliver and Dodger enter the streets of London - describe the scene - bustling crowds, market traders shouting at the crowds, monstrous city


  • Explain that they looked for a victim and eventually spot a target - This could include action and dialogue


  • Describe the person that they are going to steal from - description


  • Explain how they do this using powerful verbs and adverbs - action - crept hastily, sneakily maneuvered 

         You could also use simple dialogue between the characters here


  • You decide what happens next - do they escape, does the victim notice, does a policeman see them??


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Please also consider including the following in your writing:


  • Different sentences - simple, complex, compound
  • A wide range of punctuation - commas, colon, semicolon, speech punctuation, dashes, hyphens (we practised using all of these earlier in the week so look back if you need to)
  • Good vocabulary - interesting synonyms for 'said'


Build tension throughout your writing!

You could start your writing like this...


            Dodger and Oliver stood in a dark, narrow alleyway and eagerly watched the bustling street fill with unsuspecting people. Market traders yelled at the top of their voices, "Come and get yer fish here, 2 shillings!" whilst another competed, selling his fish for just 1. The chimneys in the distance belched out the black smog, casting a shadow over the filthy city.