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English Thursday 28th January 2021

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Thursday 28th January 2021


Today we are going to use our word bank, that we created yesterday, to begin to write some sentences.


Yesterday I gave you the following example:


Nouns - Duck

Adjective - Teal

Verb - Swimming

Adverb - Gracefully.


Now I am going to use these to create a sentence. We can put them in different orders but the sentence must always make sense.


The teal duck was swimming gracefully across the shimmering river.


Or you could begin your sentence with an Adverb creating an fronted adverbial.


Gracefully, the teal duck swims through the shimmering river.



For your work today you need to use you word bank from yesterday to create 5 sentences.

Write these 5 sentences onto 'Thursday's English' 2Do on Purple Mash.

After writing a sentence read it back to yourself and make sure it makes sense.