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Tuesday 26th January

LC: To use of a range of punctuation  



On Thursday, you are going to be writing an additional chapter for Oliver Twist. Because you are in Year 6, you should be using a wider range of punctuation marks more confidently. 


We have practised all of these in Year 6 already - You should be able to use the following punctuation marks in your writing:


  • Capital letters and full stops - CL .


  • Commas to separate clauses - However uncomfortable Fagin's house was, it was better than sleeping on the streets of London.


  • Speech marks to demarcate speech with extra speech punctuation - "Catch that boy!" shouted the angry man, pointing towards Dodger.


  • Semicolons to separate two independent clauses - He looked into his pocket; his watch had been stolen.


  • A colon to introduce a long phrase list and semicolons to separate the phrases - The amazing items lit up Fagin's eyes: brightly-coloured gems; golden sparkling necklaces; ornate pocket watches and hundreds of glistening coins.


  • Dashes for parenthesis (extra information) - Oliver - who was becoming more nervous - watched in horror as Dodger reached into the gentleman's pocket.


  • Hyphens for compound adjectives - Hundreds of brightly-coloured handkerchiefs hung from the ceiling.




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Please use the template on Seesaw for your sentences - Punctuation (Tuesday)