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Thursday 21st January

LC: To write an independent recount (informal letter)

Today, you are going to write an informal letter as the character of Oliver. You need to write an informal letter to your friend, Dick. You letter needs to explain to him three different experiences that you've had since you last saw him at the workhouse fence. You planned ideas for these yesterday:


Paragraph 1 - Your journey (brief explanation)

Paragraph 2 - Arriving in London (short description of a setting)

Paragraph 3 - Details of Fagin and Dodger and what they are up to (more detail)


When you are writing, you need to think of different skills to make your descriptions interesting and of a Year 6 standard. If your writing isn't of a good standard, it will be sent back to you. Also, you must write in detail, describing setting and character, so there must be enough. 


Please ensure that you include the following in your writing:


  • written in first person (you are Oliver, so use first person pronouns - I, we, me)
  • written in the past tense (you are writing about something that has happened in the past)
  • written using 3 clearly presented paragraphs
  • complex sentences - you are describing so your sentences need to be detailed
  • good vocabulary - you might want to 'magpie' some words from the book
  • please check spelling, punctuation and grammar - NOBODY should have basic punctuation errors with capital letters and full stops!
  • expanded noun phrases for description
  • you could use a simile and/or a metaphor for description
Please use the template on Seesaw to complete your writing - Independent letter (Thursday)

There isn't as much on the website for you to do today. This is because we want you to spend a lot of time making sure that this piece of writing is good and of a Year 6 standard. Please take your time and create a fantastic informal letter! 


The best ones will be displayed on the website!


Good luck everyone!