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Wednesday 20th January

LC: To plan a recount (informal letter)


Over the last two days you should've completed character profiles for Fagin and Dodger. Today, you are going to create a plan for a letter that you will be writing tomorrow. You will be acting as the character of Oliver, and you will be writing to your friend Dick, to explain some of your experiences so far.


Your letter is going to explain to him what you have been doing since your last conversation at the fence of the workhouse.


You are going to explain in 3 paragraphs:


Paragraph 1 - Your journey (brief explanation)

Paragraph 2 - Arriving in London (short description of a setting)

Paragraph 3 - Details of Fagin and Dodger and what they are up to (more detail)


You can use these as subheadings for each section of your plan.


Your plan is going to be very important today and ensure that you are ready to start your letter tomorrow. You need to make sure that you go back through the chapters of the book, and your character profiles, to make sure that you have got all the information to do this to a Year 6 standard. 


You can complete this in your Home Learning Book today. Please split your page into 3 sections once you have written the date and Learning Challenge at the top. Once you have finished, please send a photo of your completed plan to your teacher on Seesaw. 

​​​​​​Please set out your page like the example below.