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Thursday 14th January 2021

L.C. To improve sentences by adding, changing or extending.


Over the next week you are going to be looking at everything we have looked at this year from word class to sentence structure. 


Here is a simple sentence.


The giant stood on a hill.


Now we need to be able to identify the different word classes in this sentence.


The giant stood on a hill.


Determiner - The

Noun - giant

Verb - stood

Preposition - on

Determiner - a

Noun - hill.



Now we need to improve this sentence. There are many methods we can use to do this. 


  • Adding adjectives to describe the nouns


The huge giant stood on a green hill.


  • Adding an adverbial to modify the verb (to indicate when, where or how)


The giant stood imposingly on a hill. (how)


Late last night, the giant stood on a hill. (when)


The giant stood on a hill, on the edge of town. (where)


  • Adding a noun phrase


The angry giant, with bloodshot eyes, stood on a hill.


  • Using a relative clause


The giant, who was looking for Jack, stood on a hill.


  • Adding a subordinate clause


The giant stood on a hill, waving his fist in the air.


  • Adding a conjunction


The giant stood on a hill although he knew he had lost Jack.


Task 1 (on English 2Do - Purple Mash)


There are 5 simple sentences on Purple mash. You need to improve each sentence using at least 1 of the methods used above