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Have you noticed how lots of the language in our story is repeated?

The troll says the same things over and over. All of the goats go trip trip over the bridge. Repeating language is really important when writing traditional tales.


Another important feature is the number 3.

How many bears lived in the house Goldilocks visited?

That's right, 3!

There are 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

And, at the end of the story, the Great Big Billy Goat Gruff rushes at the troll 3 times and he falls down...down...down.

Today we are going to spend our time learning the next part of the story. Watch the video carefully and join in with actions. Remember to use punctuation from the story map.

Middle Billy Goat Gruff

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Now see how much of the story you can remember from the beginning. You can look back at the videos from this week's learning if you need to.