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Wednesday 13th January

LC: To analyse and understand how an author creates a certain atmosphere in descriptive writing

Please read Chapter 8 of Oliver Twist below. Whilst you are reading, think about the ways in which the author creates a busy and hectic atmosphere when Oliver arrives in London. 


You need to look specifically from the beginning of the chapter to '...someone was staring right back at him'.

After you have read the chapter, think about the beginning that I mentioned above. What has the author done to make the setting busy and hectic? You can write your thoughts using bullet points but still write in complete sentences. 


Here is one example. 


  • The author writes that, 'Oliver could not believe his eyes when they entered the city'. This tells the reader that he is witnessing something unusual - something he hasn't seen before.  


Please complete the activity on the template on Seesaw, Describing Settings