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Tuesday 12th January

LC: To share an emotional response with a character

We have discussed this a lot this year in our reading lessons both in school and also when learning from home. When we share an emotional response with a character, we imagine how they might be feeling (we put ourselves into their shoes). Quite often, a writer won't literally tell us how a character is feeling - we must infer (find the clues) by thinking about the actions of the character, the description of the character or what the character says. 
Please read Chapter 7 of Oliver Twist below.

Here is my emotional response through the eyes of Oliver.


In this chapter Oliver is clearly concerned about his friend, Dick. I think this because before he starts his journey to London, he returns to the workhouse specifically to speak to him. 


After speaking to dick at the fence, Oliver becomes more concerned for his friend because Dick says that he is unwell. He mentions how pale he is and advises him to see a doctor. It also says that, 'Dick saw how much this upset Oliver.' 


This final meeting with his friend was very important to Oliver as it says that despite all the troubles and sufferings that he would soon face, he never forgot it. 

I would now like you to write an emotional response, but this time, through the eyes of Dick. Read the part carefully where they meet at the fence and find the clues. How do you think Dick is feeling at this point in the story?


You will find a template on Seesaw for this activity - Share an emotional response with a character (Tuesday).