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Tuesday 12th January 2021

L.C. To understand what a relative clause is.


Earlier on in the year we looked briefly look at clauses and phrases and the differences between them. So remember:


A Clause is a special type of phrase which includes a verb. These can be either main or subordinate.



Blinded by the sunshine, the man put on his sunglasses.


So now we are going to build on this. 


There are special types of subordinate clauses that are given a different name - Relative clause.


Relative clauses relate back to the noun and usually start with one of the following words:


who, which, that, when, where, whose


Here is an example.


Tom broke his toy


This is the main clause. We can add more information or details to this sentence in order to improve our writing.



Tom broke his toy, which annoyed James.


The bit in yellow would be a relative clause as it relates to Tom (noun in the main clause).


Task 1 (on English 2Do - Purple Mash)


Use the table below to create 7 sentences that include a main clause and a relative clause. These also need to make sense. Remember to add a comma before the relative clause.


Main Clause Relative Clause
I ate the chocolate cake that I saw on Saturday.
Lucy finished her book who had witnessed the accident.
The microphone was handed to the singer which was delicious.
The policeman talked to the man who was very nervous.
I enjoyed the film which she would highly recommend.
That's the site when I went too close to the fire.
I burnt my hand where they are building new houses.


Task 2 (on English 2Do - Purple Mash)


Write 2 of your own sentences. These should include a main clause and a relative clause.