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Today were are going to listen to the story:


This is going to be our Story to Tell, so over the next few days we will learn it off-by-heart and you will have a copy of the story on Purple Mash.


Before we start, let's make sure everyone knows what a goat looks like and what a valley looks like.


The goats in the story must all be boys because they are called billy goats. If they were girls, they would be nanny goats. A valley is a place between hills and mountains, like the one in the picture.
Listen to the story in the videos and join in when you can. Show your parents your best impression of a bad tempered troll when you join in.


Still image for this video

Little BGG

Still image for this video
Now you know what the troll says, see if you can join in with the next video.

Middle BGG

Still image for this video
Well done if you joined in last time. If you didn't, listen again because he repeats himself.

Great Big BGG

Still image for this video

Now you have listened to the entire story, complete this 2Do by answering true or false questions about the events.