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Thursday 7th January

LC: To identify ways in which an author blends action, description and dialogue

Today, I would like you to read Chapter 4 of Oliver Twist. Whilst you are reading through the chapter, I would like you to consider how the author uses the following:


  • Action - This explains to the reader what the character is doing (their actions)
  • Description - This tells the reader about what the character or setting looks like, sounds like, smells like, how something feels or describes the taste of something (5 senses)
  • Dialogue - What characters say

Good writers use a mix of action, description and dialogue. Today you need to identify each of these aspects of a writers toolbox. 


Have a look at the example below - it's the first part of Chapter 4.


I have highlighted the following:


  • Description - Blue
  • Action - Yellow
  • Dialogue - Green
Please login to Seesaw where you will find the next 2 pages of Chapter 4. Please highlight these pages of the chapter using the different colours that I used to demonstrate your understanding.