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Wednesday 6th January

LC: To understand how authors develop descriptions of character

Please read Chapter 3 of Oliver Twist - A New Home. Within this chapter, we are introduced to a new character, Mr Sowerberry. 


As you read through the chapter, I want you to think how the author portrays Mr Sowerberry through what he says or his actions.


The author is very clever as he doesn't give the reader any literal information about the character like 'he is nice' or 'he is mean' - you, the reader, have to infer!


You must read the chapter CAREFULLY, identify the clues and write your opinion of Mr Sowerberry based on what you have read. You MUST provide evidence to back up your answer. 


Here is an example from Chapter 1 about Mrs Bumble.


       The old woman sat before the fire and wrapped the infant in a blanket. She told the woman who ran the workhouse, Mrs Bumble, that the baby had been born.

       "Ach," Mrs Bumble said. "Another orphan for the workhouse to take care of." She looked at the baby with disgust. "Another mouth to feed. More money from my small allowance."


My response

After reading this short extract, I think that Mrs Bumble is insensitive and cruel. I think this because she looked at the baby with disgust, this is unusual as babies usually make people smile. It sounds like the baby is going to be an inconvenience for her because she states that the baby is another mouth to feed and that it would need to come from her allowance. 


Your turn

Read Chapter 3 and provide your opinion of Mr Sowerberry. Make sure that you back up your inferences with evidence.



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