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Tuesday 5th January 2021

L.C. To understand and use the apostrophe to show possession to plural nouns and the exceptions to the rule.



An apostrophe is punctuation that is placed within a word. It is written at letter height rather than on the line. 


We use apostrophes for 2 reasons.

  1. to replace missing letters in contracted words
  2. to show possession


Yesterday we looked at possession linked to a singular (one) noun.

e.g.  A pencil belonging to Sarah - Sarah's pencil. There is only 1 Sarah (singular).


Today we are going to develop this and apply apostrophes to show ownership by more than one noun.

e.g.  Pencils belonging to some girls - The girls' pencil. There are more than 1 girl. (plural).


Have a think now of something that belongs to more than one person. List some in your books. 

E.g. the room where the boys get changed for football.


Lets use my example to show how this works.


Whose room is it?     The boys changing room

How many boys? Is there more than 1 boy?   Yes


If there is more than one boy we need to insert an apostrophe to  the statement.

Now unlike when it is a Singular noun, we don't insert the apostrophe before the s. When we add an apostrophe when having a more than one noun we add the apostrophe after the s.


So our statement should read:

The boys' changing room. 


Lets have a look at another:


The barn where the cows are milked.


Whose barn is it?     The cows barn

How many cows? Is there more than 1 cow?   Yes


Because there is more than 1 cow the apostrophe comes after the s.


The cows' barn.


If the noun which own the object means more than one we add the apostrophe after the s of the noun. Don't put the apostrophe after the s of the object owned.


Singular - 's

Plural - s'



Now there are a 3 word that are exceptions to this rule. These 3 words are: children, men and women. These 3 word are plurals however they follow the rule for singular nouns - the apostrophe comes before the s.



The children's classroom.

The men's Wimbledon final.

The women's 200 meter race.


Task 1


For the following 3 sentences decide and answer the following questions in you book.


Who/what is the owner?

Is there more than one owner?

Where should the apostrophe go?



  1. The teacher pinned the pupils stories on the wall.
  2. The ladies dress department is on the first floor.
  3. Did you see the rabbits burrows in that field?



All 3 questions should be answered for all 3 sentences.


Task 2

Read the following sentences. Decide where the apostrophe comes in the sentence. Write the sentence with the apostrophe in the correct place in your books.


  1. The Elephants trunk was wrapped around a branch.
  2. Tigers claws are very sharp.
  3. Swimmers goggles stop water getting into their eyes.
  4. Todays date is 6th January.
  5. Babies hands and feet are very small.


Home learners please could you take a photo of your English work and email it to Mr Hindman on Purple Mash.