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You've been doing so well with the quizzes this week, Miss Rycroft has set a really challenging one on Purple Mash. Arrange the pictures in alphabetical order on this 2Do:

Today we are going to use all the skills we have been learning this week by answering questions about information in paragraphs under subheadings.


Here is an example:


What kind of animal is an ant?

To answer this question, you need to read the information very carefully.


Well done if you said insect.


Find and copy two places you might see ants.

There is bold writing in this question which tells us these are important words.

Find- this means the answers are in the writing.

Copy two- this means you have to find two places from the writing (don't just make them up!!)


Well done if you said in a garden and park.


Now it's your turn by completing this 2DO: