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What happens if you are ordering words alphabetically and two words begin with the same letter?


Well done if you said that you need to look at the next letter!

Let's take a look at these words:


As they both begin with 's', we need to look at the next letter. 'u' comes before 'w' in the alphabet so these are in the correct order.

What about these words?


This time they both start with 'c' and 'h' so we need to look at the next letter. 'i' comes before 'u' so chimp would come before church.


Now it's your turn. Complete this 2D:

Let's remind ourselves of the features we were looking at yesterday. Remember, we were looking at the 'structure' of non-chronological reports.

Today, we are going to look at a new report and identify the structural features.


Write the date in your book then answer the questions. When you have finished, email a picture of your work to your teacher.

Thursday 7th January 2021

What is the title of the report?

Find and copy one of the subheadings.

What does the caption say is happening in the picture?