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Friday 12th December

LC: To write an independent letter of persuasion


Today, you are going to write your letter to Mr Bumble, persuading him to alter certain aspects of his workhouse. Your letter needs to contain the following:

  • An introduction that explains the reason for writing the letter.
  • Point 1 - This could be something like asking him to provide better food for the people in the workhouse.
  • Point 2 - Another suggestion for change.
  • Point 3 - Another suggestion for change.
  • A conclusion that recaps some of the points raised in the letter and leaves the reader to consider them. 

You MUST also include the following in your writing:


  • Complex sentences that use a relative clause
  • Complex sentence where the relative pronoun is omitted
  • Adverbials for time
  • Modal verbs
  • Repetition
  • Semi-colon for separating clauses
  • Hyphenated compound adjective