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Today we are going to learn the story of Supertato.

Read our version of the story then say the story using the story map.


It was night-time in the supermarket and all was quiet. Until, CRASH! BANG!

Something had escaped from the freezer.

Something that was small, round and green.

Something that was looking for trouble!


Mr Carrot had been stuck to the conveyor belt with plasters.

Someone had drawn on Mr Broccoli’s face and Mr Cucumber had been tied down with toilet paper.

All the vegetables felt unhappy.

Supertato came to the rescue!

He used his super speed.

He used his super strength.

He used a flannel and soapy water.


Supertato chased the Evil Pea!

The Evil Pea chased Supertato!

The Evil Pea landed in Supertato’s jelly trap.

Everybody laughed and cheered.

Say the story to yourself, using the story map, three times.

Your talking homework for today is to learn this story off by heart.