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Tuesday 1st December

LC: To write an independent letter of persuasion with the aid of a WAGOLL


Read through my persuasive letter which encourages the people of Burnley to follow the Tier 3 rules for COVID-19. When we have read through it, use the plan that we created yesterday to write your own persuasive letter. 


I have highlighted some of the letter in yellow. When you have read the letter, have a think why I have highlighted these particular parts of the letter.

Dear residents of Burnley,


       I am writing to you to highlight the importance of following the new guidelines which will come into effect on Wednesday, December 2. Since its outbreak in Wuhan, China, in late 2019, living with coronavirus (COVID-19) has become part of our daily lives. Our small town has suffered heavily with another 1,346 people testing positive in the North West, bringing the region's total number of cases to 304,875 as of Monday, November 30, 2020. Sadly, the total number of North West deaths with COVID-19 now stands at 10,456​. I am therefore urging the people of Burnley to strictly follow the government's Tier 3 guidelines to keep our communities safe and slow the spread of this deadly virus. 


       Firstly, I am pleading with everyone to continue to follow simple guidelines that have become routines that we implement daily. By wearing a face covering in enclosed public places (supermarkets, shops) and washing our hands regularly, we can reduce the spread of this terrible virus. Failure to follow these simple guidelines could put your life and the lives others in unnecessary risk; a situation, I'm sure will agree, is not one that you would want to be responsible for. 


       Secondly, I urge you all to stay at home whenever possible; the Tier 3 restrictions clearly state that you should not enter other people's houses and should not allow visitors into your home. It has been scientifically proven that when people meet in larger numbers, and within an enclosed space, that the virus will spread more readily; COVID-19 is an airborne virus! Would you like the virus to be present in your home? I'm sure that you wouldn't. 


       Finally, please ensure that you only leave our town for specific reasons such as for work or medical appointments; you should not travel unnecessarily. However, it is vitally important for our physical and mental health to take regular daily exercise, providing this is done by following 'the rule of 6'. This guideline explains that we are able to meet five other members of our family or friends in a public space, such as a park (socially distanced). 


       If we strictly follow these latest government guidelines, then the infection rate will inevitably slow down and we can begin to look forward to a brighter future. Recent news also suggests that a vaccine is soon to be available which again will help us all to get back to a more normal way of living. It is up to us all to slow the spread of COVID-19 and get through this time of hardship on all of our lives


        Yours sincerely


             Mr Grimshaw